Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region

Participation in Shows & Exhibitions


Visiting major special events at Russian shows at major Russian and international sites

The service on arranging participation in special shows implies selection of the most promising innovation enterprises in Stavropol Region in order to ensure their joint presence at large events held regionally, nationally, or abroad.

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In the primary treatment services are provided at no charge; the repeated appeals of the Fund pays up to 90% of the costs.

Area of Implementation

Joining shows held for a specific sector of economy is one of the major levers for promoting companies in the market. Such participation allows meeting – directly and in a neutral area – customers, counteragents and competitors, getting to know the trends in the market development, as well as offers a chance to join developing the market directly.

Given the current economic situation, shows are taking on some special status nowadays. They are becoming an indicator within a particular area of economy showing clearly which companies are still in the market and which have already left that, thus helping you develop your tactics and strategies under newer circumstances.

To companies that area members of clusters we offer consulting and financial support helping them attend special sectoral shows and exhibitions in order to promote the regional businesses to the Russian and international market.


Service Technology

In case a number of regional enterprises reveal interest in attending a certain show, we would be happy to assist here including provision of registration fee and rent for the exhibition facilities. For more details regarding the events, please contact our managers.



Participation in shows helps small- and mid-scale businesses:

  • Develop new markets for their goods

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Resume contacts with former customers

  • Bring new products or services to the market

  • Demonstrate and promote the entire range of products / services in the market

  • Facilitate sales

  • Develop an image, both for the company and for the brand

  • Stir interest among the media

  • Learn more about Clients and their expectations

  • Get immediate feedback regarding the product and the company

  • Develop and expand a potential contact database for the future

  • Investigate the market, the competition, and the marketing potential of the company

  • Go hand in hand with innovation and new technologies

  • Detect potential Clients and find distributors

  • Look for new employees