Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region

Evaluation of Technological Availability Index


Evaluation of Technological Availability Index (TAI) showing the readiness for innovation and modernization.

The TAI audit procedure implies gathering and analysis of the data on the company’s activities, which is done following a special methodology and allows evaluating the degree to which the management, production capacity, and the staff are ready to launch innovation and modernization.

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In the primary treatmentservices are provided at no charge; the repeated appeals of the Fund pays up to 90% of the costs.

Scope of implementation

The clients seeking the service include regional centers for engineering (RCE), which, based on the TAI value make decision regarding the need for, the scope, and the scale of specific services to be offered to the regional enterprises, which is aimed at technological progress and modernization.

The TAI audit is typically done at the enterprises whose activity lies within the focus of the RCE. Besides, a TAI audit held repeatedly at an enterprise may show the efficiency of the special services (based on the change index of the TAI).

Service Technology

he audit is conducted by experienced auditors who do not only register facts and evaluate the functioning yet also can offer efficient recommendations on the key aspects of the respective activity. TAI evaluation is done based on a methodology approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation and includes the following stages:

•    Preparation for audit, incl. initial meetings with the company management, obtaining preliminary data, and audit planning

•    Audit itself, held at the company for 2-3 days (depending on the facilities and the complexity this term is subject to change)

•    Outcomes processing on the site and developing a report


The outcomes of the service imply development of a detailed report containing the following data:

•    Audit results on the site (filled in questionnaire forms)

•    Calculation of the company’s TAI, which allows making decision on the need and the type of further support for the enterprise

•    Conclusions and auditors’ recommendations, which also include a list of potential measures to be taken to improve the company’s functioning

Further on, the report will prove useful for the RCE experts working on developing the modernization plan as well as for developing investment applications.