Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region

Training & Refresher Courses


Training for specialists; in-service training

Training for staff and management implies:

  • Trainings and seminars inviting external experts

  • Webinars and round-table discussions for small- and mid-scale businesses

  • Teaching employees how to use some particular equipment through arranging field placement for specialists

Ask for consultation

In the primary treatment services are provided at no charge; the repeated appeals of the Fund pays up to 90% of the costs.

Area of Implementation

The Fund’s services on training and in-service courses may be useful for enterprises that require training or update of knowledge for the staff or the top-management. Entrepreneurs and innovation project initiators interested in attending seminars, round-table discussions, and training courses on special issues may apply to the Stavropol Regional Fund for Innovation Development regarding development of projects, consulting, and attracting investment.


Service Technology

Specialists of the Fund conduct monitoring of educational programs and experts who could be invited to Stavropol Region to host seminars and training courses for regional businesses and companies-members of clusters.



  • Improved overall financial and investment awareness I the business community of Stavropol Region;

  • Assistance in commercializing scientific developments, as well as implementation of innovation ideas in the real sector of economy;

  • Increased level of skills among specialists employed in the regional enterprises;

  • Access for business community of Stavropol Region to online- webinars through the Fund’s website.