Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region



Marketing services

The Fund offers its Clients support in obtaining a while range of marketing services for branding, presenting, and promotion of new products (services) manufactured by small- and mid-scale businesses that are members of the respective clusters.

Availability of complete marketing information is one of the decisive factors that determine success in the market. Each day managers make decisions that have an impact, to a different degree of the business future. The basis for decision-making in management is the leader’s personal experience, expert evaluation from the company’s people, as well as data from research. Incorrect data or lack of information may result in wrong decisions, which, in turn, involves financial losses in its wake. Marketing research allows obtaining the information required as well as reducing the risk in decision-making. Such research serves an important basis in developing strategic plans for company development.

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In the primary treatment services are provided at no charge; the repeated appeals of the Fund pays up to 90% of the costs.

Area of Implementation

  • Marketing research aiming at analysis and monitoring of various markets

  • Umbrella brands development and promotion

  • Branding, presenting, and promoting new products (services)

  • Promotional publicity campaigns in the media



After a comprehensive analysis study is over the company shall be provided with the following marketing data:

  • Market volume – quantitative and cost expression data by companies, goods, geographies, segments, etc.

  • Regarding products: weak and strong points about your product compared to similar ones from your competitors; product quality evaluation by Clients; promising segments in the market.

  • Regarding competitors: list; geographic distribution; product range; prices and price policy; promotion tactics.

  • Regarding consumers: categories of consumers; satisfaction with products (by each manufacturer); list of product properties and importance of each of these.

  • The existing and potential channels for promoting product in the market.

  • Efficient ways to advertise and stimulate sales for your product.

  • Potential for development, new possibilities for growth.


Advantage of marketing research assisted by the Fund

  • High level of reliability and quality in marketing research;

  • Objective evaluation of the company in terms of marketing because external experts have no reason to conceal certain issues detected at the company through research;

  • Significant saving of time spent on arrangements and research itself;

  • Significant reduction in the company’s financial costs