Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region



Consulting services for small- and mid-scale businesses

A company’s capacity to adjust to the rapidly changing market context is crucial for successful business nowadays. Slowing-down or stoppage will inevitably entail lagging behind competitors. Staying afloat requires constant evolution, reconstruction, and introduction of newer technologies, which, in turn, takes a lot of knowledge, skills, and effort.

Consulting for a particular issue is the fastest way to reach a result!

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In the primary treatment services are provided at no charge; the repeated appeals of the Fund pays up to 90% of the costs.

Area of Implementation

  • Development and implementation of program for technical & economic feasibility; efficient business strategies, business-cases, and joint projects

  • Development and implementation of business projects

  • Arranging work on ensuring compatibility between the product and the Client expectations in order to enter new markets



The point of consulting could be boiled down to professional evaluation of a company’s current status followed with a development of a set of management solutions needed for introducing qualitative changes, innovation, and improved procedures – in other words, the entire chain of actions that may bring the company to a whole new level in its progress.

For instance, a technical & economic feasibility study is required for a project to obtain various types of support from the Government as well as to attract investors; to move small- and mid-scale businesses into new markets may take certification for the product, obtaining patent, and licenses allowing production of certain goods. All this could be done by the Fund, which shall be part of the consulting services offered to its Clients.