Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region

The Center for Cluster Development (ССВ)

Центр кластерного развития

The Center for Cluster Development (ССВ) is part of the company specializing in innovation development of the region, while its role in the innovation industry structure implies developing and assisting cluster initiatives, organizational support to registering clusters in the region, as well as managing cluster progress through its initial development phase

The major objective for the CCD is creating conditions for efficient interaction among members of the local clusters, academic and research institutions, non-profit companies and NGOs, public authorities, local self-government bodies, and investors, thus contributing to the development of the local clusters and implementation of joint cluster projects

  • Marketing research, market analysis and monitoring
  • Development and promotion umbrella brands
  • Branding (building corporate identity and corporate graphics)
  • Concept development for presenting and promoting new products and services
  • Development and implementation of programs for feasibility studies, efficient business strategies, and business cases in joint projects
  • Promotion campaigns in media
  • Development and implementation of business projects
  • Visiting major special events at Russian shows
  • Trainings and seminars with outside experts invited
  • Arrangements to ensure match between product quality and respective demand when entering new markets
Priority areas for support:

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology; Pharmaceutics & Medicine

  • Special focus of the economy

The current economic situation, relations among small-, mid-scale businesses and larger enterprises reveal the need for establishing and developing cluster within the most promising areas for Stavropol Region – Biochemistry-SR and Pharmaceutics-SR.

  • Extensive Scientific Resources

The system for higher professional education of the regional cluster includes 7 public and 14 non-public universities as well as 55 branch institutions for higher education with a total number of students exceeding 140,000.

  • Comprehensive analysis of potentially promising areas within the cluster in view of the Russian and international market factors
  • Detecting the most promising areas in the development of newly established clusters
  • Attracting direct investment for innovation activities in Stavropol Region
  • Consulting services for members of regional clusters; development of business plans and search for extra financing to implement cluster members’ joint projects
  • Expert evaluation and selection of potential cluster projects
  • Marketing research for joint projects to be run by members of cluster groups aiming at further commercialization of new products (services)
  • Support in promoting to external markets innovation products produced via joint projects by members of cluster groups
  • Assistance in establishing contact among enterprises, research and development institutions – ROSNANO, RVC, Russian Direct Investment Fund, SKOLKOVO, etc.
  • Trainings and seminars inviting the leading Russian and foreign experts
Dmitry Mochalov

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