Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region

Regional Center for Engineering (RCE)

Regional Center for Engineering (RCE)

The Regional Center for Engineering (RCE) acts as the coordinator of competences and technical resources that are jointly meant for developing projects aiming at improving the already functioning production businesses, promoting pilot samples up to commercialization phase, and conducting exploration and survey activities to ensure quality of the products manufactured by the Client.

The objective for the Regional Center for Engineering is to increase the technological availability of the regional small- and mid-scale businesses through development (project design) of technological and technical procedures and support to solving project, engineering, technological, and organizational issues faced by the types of businesses mentioned. Given the technological resources available at the RCE, the enterprises of Stavropol Region can develop or expand their production facilities to produce hi-tech goods. You can refer to the RCE in case you are seeking a solution for a specific technological task, and this is where the RCE may offer you the right technology.

The RCE will help you solve issues that may arise in case you are trying to arrange independent research activities that require costly investment and competence, as well as complicated and lengthy work on polishing and implementing the right technology.

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  • Express evaluation of Technological Availability Index (TAI) at enterprises Audit (incl. energy, energy-technological, environmental, and other audits)
  • Financial and management audit
  • Anti-crisis consulting
  • Development of investment projects, programs for modernization and growth, technical update and renovation
  • Detection of current issues affecting competitive capacity
  • Development of business plans; feasibility study reports (FSR), and investment memoranda for investment projects
  • Consulting services regarding intellectual property (patent services; copyright registration)
  • Anti-crisis consulting
  • Monitoring of engineering companies and engineering market; development of databases of manufacturing enterprises
  • Improving level of technological availability at enterprises
  • Consulting and expert services for small- and mid-scale businesses regarding development and implementation of projects for update and/or establishing newer production facilities
  • Complete cycle of work at Engineering Center – from product & technology design to production launch – feasibility development
  • Engineering-consulting & design services; Calculation & analytical services
  • Development of investment projects, programs for modernization and growth, technical update and renovation
  • Bringing operations up to break-even point with further moving up to profitability levels
  • Ensuring compatibility with currently functioning innovation institutions
  • Control over quality of engineering services offered
  • Establishing interaction between small- & mid-scale businesses and financial institutions
  • Attracting international and Russian engineering companies to Stavropol Region; establishing sites for interaction between engineering companies and clients
  • Training for mid-range and top managers (together with universities and respective institutions) of small- and mid-scale businesses
  • Support in improving environmental indices and industrial safety at small- and mid-scale businesses
  • Support in increasing production efficiency at small- and mid-scale businesses
  • Analytical research in terms of detecting needs and potential capacity at small- and mid-scale businesses in view of diversification of production, introduction of advanced technologies, increased energy-efficiency, and alternative energy employment
  • Development (for small- and mid-scale businesses) methodological guidelines on implementing project management technologies in various areas

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