Support to small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region

About Fund


Non-Profit Organization STAVROPOL REGIONAL FUND FOR INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT was established in 2014; Founder – Ministry of Economic Development, Stavropol Region

The major objective for the Fund is to support small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region; creating conditions for efficient interaction among members of the local clusters, academic and research institutions, non-profit companies and NGOs, public authorities, local self-government bodies, and investors, thus aiming to implement joint cluster projects and improve technological readiness among businesses through developing (design) of technological and technical procedures, as well as assistance in resolving projecting, engineering, and management issues faced by the regional small- and mid-scale businesses

The Fund’s structural divisions include Regional Center for Engineering and Center for Cluster Development of small- and mid-scale businesses in Stavropol Region


The activities of the Fund imply offering local companies support in implementing projects that would allow updating the already functioning production or detecting and improving low-efficiency business processes

The Fund is aiming to become a site where small- and mid-scale businesses could get expert support to be able to choose the optimal stream for further progress